So last year in April I took an EMT-Basic course to start towards my career as a Paramedic. This is where I had my first run-in with my anxiety. It was the second day and I was walking out of class when this feeling of doom just took over me. I drove home, it was a 40 minute drive. I got home and tried to calm myself down. I finally got to sleep around 3 am. The next week I wouldn\'t go to bed until 3,4 5 am until I stopped sleeping completely. I also stopped eating and lost 10 pounds in 3 days. I let this go on for about a week until I finally went to see my doctor. I got put on zoloft loranzapan and seroquel. I ended up having to leave the course anyway because we were trying to experiment with the different medication and trying to drive in heavy traffic for 40 minutes on the medication was a bad idea. Well a year later I\'ve stopped taking the medication. I occasionally took my loranzapan for when I had to do public speaking for one of my classes. We tried to find out why I all of the sudden developed this anxiety. My mom called me one day and told me to check out this website about the birthcontrol I was taking. It was on a petition site to get it off the market because many women were developing anxiety/depression all of the sudden so as soon as I heard this I stopped. I haven\'t really had an attack since.

On August 1st I will be signing up again for EMT-Basic. I don\'t know how I should feel. This course will be right in town instead of 40 minutes away. I will also have a more flexible work schedule compared to the one I had last time I was trying to do this course. I\'m thinking I should go back to my doctors to put myself back on medication beforehand just incase. I also want to start seeing a therapist through-out the course. I\'m just trying to be more prepared. I want to become a Paramedic more than anything and its what I can imagine see myself doing. Classes start on September 8th. I hope it works out.

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  1. saigebrean 12 years ago

    Mirena, it was the 5 year IUD

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