i guess I’m married. being in a family is marriage. you can’t be right. its not how you imagine it. forgetting and allowing that process to be. forgiving is crucial. connecting and believing others.


I am proud of my family. Deeply sorrowful for the way i have thought otherwise. Driven by a crazed sense of justice above reality. This afternoon I broke. My intelligence snapped. I was alone. Suffering. Terrified. My home turned against me. My house became a torture. The lives of the people i have been gifted with became a threat to my survival.


I had to move. I had to find out why. Its my fault. I wasn’t doing what was right. I was mad. The real definition of mad. That is truly low. No one wants to be acquainted with that. You lock that up.

Civilised creature i can become. When harmony ensues. Clear away the triggers. Not simple when they exist in you mind. However it is possible. Admitting you are wrong. Admitting the story around you obsolete. Engaging a new story. Tomorrow. A shining monday. Grounds for beauty and connection. Listening. Listening to how i can improve – the experience will be new.


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