Yesterday was an odd day. You all heard about the morning and afternoon in my last blog. The evening was like a whole different day!

I found a Target gift card from Christmas that we hadnt used yet. It had $70 on it!! So we all ran down to Target to get a few things (mostly food). On the way home (it was dark) the car battery light turned on. Then everything inside started turning off. Lucky, SOOOO LUCKY, (God was watching out for us) this all happened 1/4 mile before the only car parts store that was still open on our whole route home. We live in the mountains so it would have been really bad to be sitting on the side of the road at night with the kids. Chances are the cell wouldnt have worked lol.

We pulled in and didnt turn the car off….knowing that whatever was wrong the battery wouldnt likely restart the engine. The battery had 10% life left according to the tech but the alternator was shot. It would have taken an hour for them to recharge our old battery but with the alternator not working we werent sure if the battery could hang on long enough for us to get home. We still had 40 min and 3,000 feet elevation to go. We spent $124 we didnt have on a new battery knowing that it would make it home. We parked it in the garage and wont use it again until we can buy a new alternator. My husband will put it in himself to save us money. Lucky for us we still have the truck 🙂

I am so grateful that it all happened as it did. That highway is dangerous at night. So many curves. I wouldnt have wanted to be stranded there for hours. At night its possible we would have had to hitch hike. No taxi's and Denver is an hour away so idk how expensive it would have been to ask for a tow truck to come to us. Probably not pretty.

I'm just so glad it all happened as it did. And so happy that the nice tech at the store let us borrow his tools. 🙂

  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    Synchronicity, when things work together to a good end. It was working for you.

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  2. borntired 11 years ago

    whew!!! God was really looking out for you

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