My stupid Dad, who is a diabetic, was wondering why he was so tired this morning.  So I gave him 2 of his energy pills and, instead of waiting for them to work, the dumbass eats 2 pieces of cheesecake.  Now, that is going to put him to sleep faster than anything.  Now he’s passed out snoring on the damn couch, I have things that we were SUPPOSED to get done today, like go to Walgreens and get my fiancee some colonge for his birthday which is today, and I can’t even wake him up long enough to ask him if he just wants me to go get it.  I told him he’s stupid for eating the damn cheesecake, but he’s retarded and doesn’t fucking listen.  

So now I’m home, Mom’s in watching her TV, my brother and his girlfriend went to the beach, screw inviting me or anything, and I’m sitting here doing nothing.  I HATE BEING FREAKIN BORED AND ALONE MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!  I can’t even get him conscious enough to ASK HIM a damn question!! All he does is fucking mumble! And I can’t even watch TV because he’s snoring so damn loud… despite the fact that there’s nothing good on to watch in the first place. 

Fucking shit, man.  I hate this shit.  I don’t have money or I would just go buy the stuff myself.  My ex-employer still hasn’t sent me my paycheck from last week so I’m short on money…. I just want this day to end!!  This is fucking ridiculous.  And to top it all off, my fiancee is leaving tomorrow to go work on the boat for 2 weeks up in Nantucket.  I can’t get anything done because I’m broke and my Dad is an idiot.  

Screw this shit. 


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