ok so my 'friend' ( the same as the one in the previous blog that had a go at me) that loves to have a go at me, treat me as her run around and slave, uses me and takes it for granted, bitches about me and says such horrible comments to people has had a go at ME because she wasn't included in giving my friend a present. I'm sorry, but if she cared that much she would have come to the meal and then she would have been involved! She was invited this time but didn't show up then suddenly asks me what we are doing for her birthday because YET AGAIN she expects me to organise everything. Its not even about her, its about my friends present and making her feel special! There were other people there too but yet again she has a go at me. I'm so fed up with it. After I would catch a bus that took an hour to go and see her and her never doing the same because she doesn't like buses (i.e can't be bothered) she says I don't make enough effort. After she bullies people to the point they try to commit suicide and bitches about her 'friends' she tells me I need to get respect for people. After she laughed in my face when she saw me crying and told me to shut up when I tried to explain my feelings to her even though I would sit there for hours comforting her about a boy that took an hour to reply to her text she says I make her feel like shit. After all the things i've done she says it is a one sided friendship. I mean what? Whenever I am with her she would talk about herself, laugh and bitch about others and moan. I'm so done with her demands and pathetic ideas. She treats people like utter shit and expects them to lie down so she can walk all over them. She has no more friends because of this. In a way I do feel sorry for her. She does not realise what she does and how it effects others… but boy will you know if you upset her. For example, she would tell me I'm going to fail, ditch me after I've come all the way to hers for some boy, make me wait in a restaurant for an hour and a half only for me to be told she's not coming… call me a stupid cunt and blank me then have a go for not saying hi, only being nice to me when she feels lonely or wants something. Many a times has she been one of the triggers to send me plummeting into that deep dark hole of depression. I'm done. So so done.

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  1. sadviolinist 10 years ago

    I'm so glad you're done with her! She's a nightmare, not a friend!

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