Hi I'm Parsa and this is my first blog, I've been really depressed for the past 7 months, and it seems like every single thing in life is trying to bring me down. I'm a college student and I've beenliving in a dormitory room for the past 2 years, but things had never been so depressing as they are now, just last week I told my very best friend that I was gonna switch rooms for the next semester because of personal reasons, and some of those reasons where to protect him actually ,mainly from myself ( probably a different blog post), but he took it too seriously andnowit's like I've been left alone in that room. I used to have a lot of friends back in high school, but in college when I met him we immediately became best friends and I stopped lookingfor any other friend, I seriously don't think that 2 boy-friends could have been closer than we have been, but now I feel completely alone andas Itry to make new friends ,I never succeed.I think that my whole social life isweekened and trying to restore it would need a lot of effort and I seriously think that I can never make any friends since I lost my best friend, I mean who could guarantee that the same thing will not happen with my new friend? Sorry for the long post but I really don't feel well. I think it is really cruel and unfair to be someone's best friend and then stop talking to them, just because they're trying to protect you, and I wish I could've told him the problem but then he would hate me even more. At least this is what I'm doing and he has to support me in hard times and not just back out cause he couldn't get the best of me , I don't know what I should do, It sounds like I'm never gonna find another friend and I've never been so disappointed.

  1. MoonWolfEagle 7 years ago

    Hello and welcome my friend hope you find as much love here as i have you will find more friends then me here i just know it welcome again many blessings Andrea (Sparky)

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  2. elf 7 years ago


    So sorry you are having problems with depression. Do you see a counselor or therapist? Most university campuses have free counseling services. But I see that you are in Iran, so I don't know about universities there.

    Look at the situation from your best friend's perspective. You tell him you want a new roommate, but do not tell him why. He is probably hurt and feels like you abandoned him. You say you are protecting him, but he has no way of knowing that. If you cannot tell him why, then you will have to accept him leaving the friendship.  It is hard, but unless you can give him some reason, it will be difficult for him. If you had a counselor to talk with, it would help you talk through all this.

    Don't give up on finding other friends. I know it can be harder in later years of college, but it can be done. Participate in a new club or sport. Volunteer somewhere or tutor a younger student. I know your culture is so different from mine, so I am at a bit of a loss as what else to suggest. But find things to keep yourself busy and out of the dorm room where it is depressing.

    I look forward to hearing from you again. Good luck.


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