Well i’m back. I don’t think anyone really noticed that I was away. I have spent the last two weeks in the psych ward of the hosptial after an attempt on my life. The time in the hospital didn’t do much for me really, appart from getting a referal to see a psychiatrist. They discontinued the meds I was on, after the dr in the ER said that they would do nothing for me. I met some lovely people in the ward, and found i’m going to keep in touch with them. I found I could relate to them and speak to them in ways that I could never talk to a Dr. I find it frusturating that they haven’t put me on any meds. In otherwords i’m un-helpable. They seem to think that simply talking about my "issues" will "cure" me. I personally don’t think so, but hey i’m not the one that has gone through years of med school.

The night that i cut my wrists is still a blur. I remember before cutting, and after cutting, but the actual "act" is very hard for me to remember. I don’t remember any pain. I remember the blood. I remember hitting a nerve in one of my wrists as i remember the tingle that sent a shock through my whole hand. I had stitches on both wrists, but have done more damage to my left wrist. I still have no feeling on the bottom half of my left hand. When i touch it it feels numb. The drs said that I may never get feeling back in that part of my hand.

So thats the extent of my news. Looking forward to catching up with my friends here.

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  1. lesley 13 years ago



    Im glad that you didnt succeed with what you tried. I have just had my husband die due to suicide and i performed CPR on him, but his brain had died. Please dont do this to the people who love you. Im here if i can ever be of help to you. just make contact with me and i will get back to you.

    Love Lesleyxxxxxxx


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