Two of the people that are in my friends list, I know on a more personal basis. I’ve known them both for over a year, and have hung out with them both seperately as well as in a group setting on several occasions. This year, Jon, wanted to date Jennie, but she wasn’t interested and had told him so. Well, Jon couldn’t accept the fact that Jennie didn’t shair the same feelings, or so it seems to be the case from where I sit. Now, I’ve seen Jon bashing and lying about her and that bothers me. I have witnessed several of the things that Jennie has blogged about and that Jon has lied about and caused her to look bad. I care a lot for both of these people and want the bull snickers behind us all. The facts are simple. He wants her, she doesn’t want him. She feels uncomfortable around him and I’ve witnessed as to why and have been told by several people about other problems. Now, this mess is about Jon and Jennie. But if they can’t drop this bs, I’m not going to be able to be friends with them both anymore because I’m starting to feel like I’m being put in the middle. Fact is it’s not really my problem and friends don’t lie about friends to their other frineds or to even strangers because that’s not a friendship to begin with. And the fact is, that if it comes down to me only being able to have one of these two people as a friend, I’d have to pick Jennie because she’s always been honest to me and about me. (Granted, I may hate to hear how she’s worried or concerned, but it’s always been truthful, at least that’s gotten back to me.) And Jennie may have her own issues, just like everyone else, but she’s not overly dramatic and doesn’t twist things and isn’t all about herself. I’m not trying to say that Jon is the complete opposit of these traits, these are just a few of the strong personality traits that I love about Jennie, because she keeps it real. But I don’t want it to get to that point! Both of these people are great people when it comes down to it; as long as they don’t let their emotions run their lives. Jon has people bashing Jennie and taking his side in all of this, when, quite frankly, his side is half truths and lies. Sorry, Jon, but I was there and I am pissed that you’d lie so much about the facts to protect your own image and make yourself look good. I’m just glad that she said no about a relationship with you now because I’ve seen some true colors about you that I’ve never seen until this crap. I’m ticked off and have bottled it up long enough so you’d have some support. One of the things that Jennie said was that you don’t have any real friends anymore. That’s true, except for me and I’ve tried the nice approach but you’re just not getting it and I can’t help someone that doesn’t want the help. I’m sorry; but even I’m at my witts end with you on this. Please don’t make me pick a side and pick a friend! Please help yourself and be honest at least with your shrink! I am really worried about you and these blogs only verify the need of concern. I’ll send you a more privat message with more of my issues about all this so you have some privacy; I just had to say what I did here to let the truth be known…

  1. Christy 16 years ago

    I think that the worst part of all this is that I hear all the bad and it’s like all the past good stuff has been forgoten. Fact is, they were like best friends and it’s hard on me to see two former buddies, hateing eachother. But on the plus side, it’s a realization that even friendships need to be nurtured and good communication is always a major plus in any relationship. I’ve decided to stay out of it, though. It’s not my problem with either of them; it’s their fight and I really don’t want it! I have five kids and don’t need the extra drama anyway! I just hope that they can work something out since they live in the same town and have simular hang out places…

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  2. dr_fruikenstein 16 years ago

    I’m not trying to make you pick sides. You tell me something, and if it’s wrong, I tell you so. Nothing more. Ask Joel what I said to him on the phone about after Wednesday. I wanted to tell you the same, but you put Joel on the phone too quickly. I did say after we we’re done talking, I wanted to talk to Joel.
    About the blogs…
    I didn’t lie, and I also admitted my faults. I also commented on one of Jennie’s blogs telling her that we’re only gonna disagree, anyway, so let’s not blog about it, anymore. I really don’t see where making myself the bad guy translates to lieing about her. Appearantly Jennie agrees that we’ll only disagree. I haven’t seen anymore blogs about us from either of us. If I wanted to lie, and/or twist things, I wouldn’t have tried to stop the blogging. As far as I’m concerned, the actual fight is over. I WILL defend myself if I see something wrong in a blog, or comment. A lot of the fight had to do with communication when things were good. They weren’t as good as I thought.

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  3. Christy 16 years ago

    I’m sorry; I wasn’t trying to bash you. I just needed to vent. And the thought of loosing my friends scares me to death! I’m worried about you, about Jennie, and about the fact that this could happen to me with a friend, too. Let me know when you see this and I’ll be more than happy to remove the blog so we can all move forward, and not have to keep backsliding. Deal? One last thing, when was the last time you had your sugar checked? One of your friends told me that having a high or low sugar count can change someones personality drastically. Just a thought that I felt was worth checking into…

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