Fear is the process which blocks movement from the known to unknown, comfort 

    zone to uncomfortable zone however it is our guide also. Fear is good as it 

    forces you the make fault free plans, backup plans and assures that you are

    safe. We have fear of loosing job, so we have two options stick to the job, get 

    into loans or increase our skills so that we are more marketable, fear is guide 

    here. We have fear of health, so again two options live with fear as whats 

    happenning inside and just not do anything about it rather fight with fear or go 

    to doctors, do medical checkups, do physical exercises so fear helps if we use 

    it as a guide again.We have fear of our reputation so again two options we do 

    everything consistent with our image or learn to let go of reputation and people 

    and try new, again depends how we take fear.Fear is good if we use it as a guide 

    and do everything so that it gets lesser and lesser and it doesn\'t look like we 

    are taking wild chances.


    Anxiety happens more when we are taking wild risks, students who prepares well 

    during the year and gives exams with peace will have less anxiety than someone 

    who took wild risks and didn\'t do anything over the year and now at exams and at 

    results his anxiety is very high. Again anxiety would generally mean that we 

    didn\'t prepare well, left things for last minute and sort of never took control 

    of the situation. Again it can be our guide for the future work and planning.


    I believe no emotion is negative, labeling it as negative only creates 

    disconnection with the emotion and then we start to fight with the emotion 

    rather than the things that created the emotion. The things that created the 

    emotion are the trigger and many a times guide to self discovery. Welcome fear 

    and anxiety and ask them what can be done in future to grow with these emotions, 

    not exactly fighting with them but by acknowledging there presence always and 

    then looking at them as guide and not repeating same mistake in the future.


    Label these emotions as positive and we will see that they teach us more.



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