History refers to the study of historic events, whereas we were taught that actions can be explained in the timeline of how they occurred, how they  are being experienced right now, and, what the future will hold.

We are not sure how being minimalistic relates to greater benefits, what can be ascertained is that economic theory does not predict only regulations, and to think that we are being dominated by media-relations that indoctrinate us to feeling addicted to the television box makes me feel as though I am a de-humanized embryo, with restricted liberty possibly due to our own actions such as road rage. theories related to our own psychology define our obstacles to success which are controlled by structures, some of which can be corrupted it transpires as some managers decided to create a whole profession out of their own fears, and, start charging money for it being the source of many sources that dis-level equilibria in other systems, as a way to take opportunist advantage of another, and, this compels us to create integrated, closed or disparate systems, as long as we considered tangled systems to be disparate, as even this is a false ideology, essentially in networking theory.

I was brought up in a family where people sensed my anxiety with empathy, whilst I realised that not all humans have this emotional trait some are less emotional than others and I query if this is related to their genes or their lack of emotional intelligence and whether this is a mental health issue that can lead to other issues in life, as anxiety has ruined my life by deteriorating my ability to concentrate a matter I suffer from till this day.   Technology gave rise to the vice of deceptive transactions, this creates room for inquiry occasionally.

I asked myself, what if I could travel at the speed of sound, through the electromagnetic frequencies transmitted by radio transmitter, and, using some magic machine to temporarily decode my biology to a virtual code and re-compose me in lightning speed at the receiving end, as a clone?

I get compulsions of anger, and, they are in their emotional impact intense, negative and oriented around torture, and, murder in their fantasy as my childhood was influenced by horror movies and cinema that portrayed surreal exaggeration of character that is despised by neo-Nazi white activists in organised criminality and sometimes I feel that I have the personality of a criminal stereotype therefore I am unable to consider myself a moral person, but an evil person, and, I fear this about myself.  It is possible that a needle or a machine will set me free, my desire is to leave meanwhile I work on my daily goals, however, the compelling thoughts of flying away is one of my repeating darker dreams of my evil Archangel and it is a coincidence that our peer-influence psychology results in stereotypical roles that can be related to various history books including the Roman Catholic inspired Holy Bible, wherein angels as guardians of our evil personality are portrayed, and, where nowadays we relate these to the services of a counsellor, whilst in the dark ages there were possibly peasants and other persons who were more educated in the art of literacy, a matter that over time has been adjusted by the availability of education services in most civilised nations.

Is this pseudo-scientific (mechanically virtualised) fiction or fact?

What machines do we need to forge now and in the future?

Psychologists made me feel as though forgetting the past was a better way forward but my soul was not cleansed from my anger, and, this is thought to be an inherited form of anger, that others project in a manner that seems harassing, or project as harassing conventionally to hide their own discriminatory practices, a matter that is unfair to some or many and that is in conflict with ethics in any case.  I remember my childhood, schooling and the way I was graded and measured, I almost felt as though I was the laughing stock of educators who paid lower-than-medium wages did what they can to  cope with a classroom full of naughty students, whilst my parents paid hefty fees for their services, when asked for value added in consumer forums, all post-graduate management professionals seemed to look the other way, and, I thought, what an interesting bunch of fellows.

Morality has taught me that there is a connection between humans and this is not always being felt to be empathetic when we uncover the veil of relations, as we seem to have a different set of relations we use for administration, whereas this leaves many procedural issues being unfair to another  third party.  The elite who oppress the weak is a fairy of the communist ideal to represent the consumerist part of the ordeal where some conveniently have prepared themselves not necessarily being holistic or altruistic to deserve our common notion of benevolence, and, this may result in red tape.

Where amoral acts occur order appears to be the educated way we organise ourselves to define policies and regulations in our preferred notions of leadership style, whereas, some points of view fall short of comprehending different stakeholders, in their notion of minimalism in activism, that is conventional and often non-committal for no apparent relevant reason, and, market factors do not seem to justify the unfairness in morality and its internal contradictions that arise out of possible decisions that were not taken with the wide ended view of the stakeholders’ and democracy held in mind whereas admittedly impression seems to have a lot to connect to our conventional forgetfulness of altruistic issues we ought to concern ourselves with, deemed boring merely out of lack of self-interest for others than our immediate security concerns leading to fail-fail situations and acting against our interests essentially.

It is strongly felt that the segregation of professions has given rise to a structure that few will agree to reform, merely because it is in their self-interest to preserve.  Some persons living in certain high class areas appear to still maintain a high life style, whilst leaving others drowning, this is the evidence of the equality problem in my view of things where restricting liberties is not serving to control but to create more frustration amongst those who still have unresolved problems that they were put into by the very organisation of society and its systematic contradictions.

Does the hand of the clock seem to be acting to schedule our plans, or does it seem to be acting to prepare use for the uncertain future, and, which organisations and individuals are accepting social and holistic responsibility for our visions?

I have changed over the years, physically and even my outlook to life changed, it has been shaped by a lot of weather conditions and other influences.  The oligopolistic pre-destination mechanism fails to achieve its objectives because other influences are not being controlled equally therefore in a utopia there would be an uneven level playing field, again, communism is at times a necessary form of business de-attractor that may inspire it depends how you look at the matter, I am presuming and this means the politician does not have a real job, s/he is just a rubber stamp.

It is dissociative to publicly claim what is right and privately justify that which breaches other ethics, particularly as you might be aware nobody controls your thoughts and you are able to frame-up arguments in any way you choose to influence, but still this can make you feel guilty, prejudiced and on the track of mind that actually society wants you to think, rather than your liberal self-interested ego which clarifies what your instinct really wants from life.

I have asked therefore what is your preferred obsession?

We tend to think that politicians make us believe that doing good has a positive outcome, however, we have clearly seen that this only leads to self-centred results, not to benefits for those who cannot afford to follow, and, this is a contentious ethical argument in socio-political speeches, where our contribution is felt but not very much measured except in structures that float high above, too high above you for you to reach  individually.

Therefore, the promise of progressive productivity is really asking you to consume, and, clearly if we only wanted to encourage expenditure, without taking care of other factors contributing to happiness, then  we will sense that there is a null hypothesis where the goals you project and the  goals I project are never on the common path, as you seem quite territorial to myself in your speeches, does this reflect the impact of your proposals, or are we not allowed to know what you are cooking when we are not looking?

This hide and seek game called life is complicated, there are different versions  of it amongst policymakers who believe that they can assume they know you better than you know yourself, clearly this may imply arrogance, and this is an undesirable trait in leadership.  The way life is portrayed in published books does not vary much from how we feel whether this is mathematical, a law of physics or merely written out in a language we understand, however, the differential between life and the future is the change that we do not manage to project, this is the real measure of performance in politics.

I am not certain how the past  influenced the present, and, what the present judge will think, he might be mistaken for all I care, however, I do care about foreseeing a future, and, so far, I am flooded with thoughts that seem to project me below ground rather than above  the ground.

The discrepancy lies in services, I deduce.

The causality of discrepancies is psychological and out of all words in the dictionary competition seems to be a commonly cited reason for the bracketing off of outliers as we use numbers and comparatives, whilst in actual real life we are unable to control that which is the holistic dynamic communication links in this planet, which is my ideal internet project, that is the establishment of a new internet to prove my point.


Causality is a very difficult form of analysis, since, the age of reason is actually beyond us we are four second thinkers, and, we are forgetful, on the whole, so we are prone to many errors, whilst I am a perfectionist, a utopian writer and a philosopher, so it is expected that I will not be understood with my autistic way of seeing things, unfocused, giving the semblance of lack of organisation to the highly organised person, whilst actually there has to be a deeper appreciation of structured and unstructured information the latter topic is often unexploited as we seek convention and comfort, not the difficult path of logical analysis, in our normative way of analysing, we  also mimic empirical research creating a bias in this respect as well.


Individual competition arises out of our consciousness of challenging our inferiority complex, at times this feat is taken to very antipathetic levels of benchmarks that have little meaning to the soulful philosopher but some meaning for the analyst.


Institutional competition mentioned in many good books of management, and law is a characteristics of how organisations and their structures or signals tend to have conflicting demand and supply curves or conflicting interests when interacting against each other, if we take the confrontational view of conflict.  Naturally the diligent philosopher seeks consensus only to find that decisions are not always as deep and rational as they have been documented, thus our cycle of reviewing  may be in itself an inhibitor to the superior form or artificial intelligence that I had in my utopian mind to code since very young age.

A perfect decision is such that I have not witnessed, therefore I categorise decisions into intelligent, rational, intuitive, and, the give further moral analysis as well-meaning or mala-fide, that is with amoral or evil intention potentially being analysed further for consequence, crime and retrospective analysis that needs to take place after we are done analysing the timelines, that to me are a conventional way of analysing information so far, we need thus to go beyond in our metrics, so the machine is two steps ahead of your most risky of thoughts, which is the paranoid theory of dangerous minds, that can consist of men or machine, if we analyse all things, events earthly and unearthly that are considerate to analyse, and, intelligent to follow upon.

I question whether you think my question is too obsessive, and, perfectionist, are you stressed out reading?

Can we really gain meaningful information from emotions or just trivial thoughts that can be analysed logically through other logical analyses that already encompasses such critical thought, and, what if there was no internet, how would you learn the alphabet therefore?

I am referring indirectly to the theory of signalling, that has been implemented in the architecture of computer machines, is this sufficiently innovative?

A theory that brackets off outlying exceptions appears to be a normative psychological trait used by persons, however this very theory is erroneous and non-perfect in its philosophy,  and it seems we do little to find a better moral balance actually beyond meaningless ceremonies.

Assume I am the black hat of life, assume I am the hand that controls the day you will die, is that a clear deadline for you to perform?

Bracketing off is a convention that can be dangerous however I find that proving this point is hard to the thinkers of today’s globalist world, so I tend to prefer being a monk playing the solitary role of distancing myself from reality when effectively I am not so distanced from it, not distanced enough to be able to be as objective as the highest star I spot when I watch the stars at night, the concept of how astro-physics, prove to us we are little earthlings living a relatively short life in comparison to the span of survival of species over generations of births and re-births and different population analytic statisticians might be able to forge reports about adding and giving meaning to the information I am trying to idealise as important.

So far I have convinced nobody except myself it transpires, so I am just the voice of the future clock whereas the synthesis I had in mind is so complex that supercomputers are just too costly and resourceful to cater for the big bang of my virtual architecture.

Meanwhile, I have scribbled a function made of the enumeration of variables and their aggregation from negative infinity to positive infinity to imply an analogy as to the difficulty of actually understanding the concept of time in the universe, as our earthly mechanical models are merely sub-models and simulations of what happens in the wider reactions that I would not survive in for longer than two breaths.  In order to draw a trendline I will measure variables that can be compared, and, I will draw trendlines to visually simulate the mean of the trend, hoping this inspires thought about the trend itself, and, that in itself is devoid of analysis and causality as such this has to be investigated and reported upon using benchmarks and tools I am accustomed to use so far, and, that even I need further training on.

So how am I going to meet my discovery goals with all these limitations in my research methods and resources available to me?


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