I need to vent for a minute before i lose it on one of the kids. This is the situation- I have been the one doing all the chores in the house, and starting may this yr i have been having back pain that i am going to physical therapy for. I have 2 biological sons, 18 and 16 yrs, who help with the laundry some and take out the garbage, keep their rooms clean. I have 2 stepsons, ages almost 13 and 14, who I love but I am starting to resent for being lazy because their chore is to wash the dishes, alternating days. I assigned each of the older boys their own dishes so i have a sense of who is hoarding them in their rooms. I explained for the umpteenth time how sine they are on summer vacation, they sit around and go on the laptop/x box all day and could spare 10 min. helping. The oldest do need to be reminded but i get no attitude. The younger 2 just blow off the dishes daily and then my husband ends up having to deal with it after work. He has said several times he reminds them and someday it will just be the 2 of us and our mess. I dfon't want to look at it that way- I love my family and want the help so i don't feel like a maid. What can I do to change things? I know teens can be lazy, but I want them to do these things so they don't expect a girlfriend or wife to do it all for them too. Anyone have any ideas? Bear in mind I get blown off i mention dishes to the younger 2 and my husband is just asking me what i suggest he does. I say take away priveleges, withhold allowance, etc, but he doesn't seem to get how crazy this is making me. My back hurts if i try to stand there and do dishes for 6 every day, and every bowl, piece of cutlery, cup, etc finds its way to the sink. Not to mention laundry- i hid half the towels a month ago and already have hidden some communal cups. I appreciate any advice and thanks for bearing with me- things are just ridiculous here and i don't feel appreciated.


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