My life has always been a series of the same questions like how,what,why, but I’ve never given an actual answer I’ve really never known how to .Yet apart of me knows what I should say but I won’t say it ,maybe cause its not the right time to mention it or cause im afraid of what people might think of me after I say it or simply cause I don’t want to. Not knowing the answers is  something I  have  to be okay with because if I’m not then ill keep questioning  my choices keep second guessing my actions because all I care about are those 3 suffocating questions. I question my life and how im supposed to live it or if what im doing is ever good enough but mainly I question the questions, Why can’t I just be me or try to at least without these questions always at hand. These questions these laws and unwritten rules even the unspoken ones make-up society if there is a question then you should be able to answer it even if it is wrong there is always an answer. Right?      I came out to my family about a good year ago they do but don’t support me because there not as open-minded as i would like them to be but all they could say was, How did that happen? What did you like kiss a girl or something? How do you know you don’t like boys ? And all i could say was I don’t know  not because i don’t but because I do and I was ashamed of what they might think of me or how they might treat me I’m questioning not only the questions but the people that use them, Do you know Why,How or What is gonna happen to you and can you explain it when your asked ?? 


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