Life has been challenging these past week because of having diffculties in school and friends. Logically everything should be great I have an wonderful family who is very supportive of me. But friends wise it has been a big challenge and follow collegues have made my life in school unmangeable. I often think about the way people act shouldn’t effect me. In this way but sometimes it just to much to handle. Sometimes the more frustrated I get the less things will become what I want. I have felt unmoviated by the way people have been treating me in school. I feel  useless just because of the way I write frist I get called dumb because they believe that my english isn’t where it should be. Which frustrates me to no end. I’m trying to be as smart as possible and have all the so called factors dealt with but seriously people need to stop bashing me and start working on their problems because nobody’s perfect! The way this makes me feel is agravated, they call themselves amazing and billarant and I get called lazy and stupid.It’s not right for them to claim all of these things which makes me so agravated!  Then the whole teacher calls my work shameless and then in the next sentences states you have potential who does that I mean seriously all I have done for them is try my very best to be successful. I’m angery with this situation. People need to grow up and leave me alone. I am seriously wish that they would at least stop and think before they post! There dramatic and make me feel useless. I mean everytime i posted something for this english class they knocked me down. There is one thing to knock my writing skills once in while but all the time. I can’t handle teachers that don’t want to teach instead of making you feel like your a idiot. 

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  1. makeupdiva12 5 years ago

    I totally can feel what you are saying, Rissa. First off, I really do think you have great English. I can relate to the English class feelings too. I major in journalism and my entire life is based on how well I can articulate words. It’s really rude that those people constantly belittle you when you are trying so hard. The same thing happens to me. I try to remember that only people who are truly hurting inside belittle other people, and that goes for the teacher too.

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