I finaly booked my flights today. I’m heading to South Australia this sunday (!!!) and come back on the 5th of September. My sister is actually going to come over with me for a week to catch up with our cousin who is the same age as her. This accually co-insides with her birthday which is on the 16th of this month. I’m really looking forward to it! I went and brought a few things that I will need today.

The next thing I did was to call my probation officer, to tell her that i’ll be travelling, and well she said that this is a major problem. Apparently I have to make an "application to travel"!! NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THIS!!!! I knew that I had to show them a return ticket and they need the details of the person that i’ll be staying with, but no one told me about this application. I had TOLD THEM that I would be travelling soon and it was never mentioned!!!. So she says that the application in all likelyhood will not go through for sunday, however she is going to talk to her supervisor about it. Good thing about that is her supervisor is actually my old probation officer so i might have a chance. She said if this doesn’t go through I still can travel, but they’ll probably have to "breach" my probation, which would probably mean a trip to court (!!!). If i cancel my flights, i’ll loose all the money and that is something that I can’t afford. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. I thought I was doing the right thing by telling them that i’ll be travelling, and now I wish I hadn’t. Its more trouble than it’s worth. To be honest I think I will still travel even if this stupid application thing doesn’t go through. I need to get out of this place for a while and I know this will be a good thing for my mental health.

When I come back there will probably be a warrant for my arrest, so maybe I wont come back. Who knows.. maybe i’ll find a new life there. I know i’m welcome at my aunts place for as long as I need so maybe there is something there. Its all so in the air!!!



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