I've been depressed lately with school and my family. I'm stressed 'cause of the pile of homework I have every single day. My family is currently having a financial problem and my dad isn't helping my mom with it. My mom is struggling all alone. I'm only 16 and I don't even know how to help her. Everyday I hear her complaining about my dad. It makes me sad and feels like my life is a major disaster. I wish I had a great dad like my friends'. My dad rarely gives me advices and moral support. I feel like I'm not worthy sometimes.

I'm an A student. I get good grades and i'm in the science stream class. Sometimes I feel so lazy to do homework 'cause I'm too depressed. I got scolded once this year for not handing my homework in time. it was embarrassing 'cause I was the only one who didn't do my homework. Honestly,I hate Biology. I thought it would be a fun subject but it turns out to be a crappy and stressing subject. My new school is so boring. I don't find anything fun there. I starve myself every single day. Even none of my new friends wants to eat during recess. All they do is study or do a quick revision for the next subject. My new friends are kind of lame. Other than that,I sit alone in the class. I'm the odd number. My sitting partner is a guy but he would move away his chair most of the time and sit next to his friends instead. My Addmath teacher notices that,and she always says she feels sorry for me. Whatever,anyway.

Today,I skipped school 'cause I'm too tired to go to school. I just needed a day off from the boring school. Ugh. I miss my old friends but I can't go back 'cause I've moved to somewhere else far from there. Right now,I'm so depressed. last night and a minute ago,I could barely breathe. I feel like my chest is tightened. I feel so tired and my body aches. My face looks really tired. Help? Someone please make me feel better 🙁 thank you for spending your time reading this. Do you think I should see the doctor? Oh and I can't see a therapist in real life 'cause my mom will think I'm such a disaster. Trust me.

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

    You're under a lot of stress and pressure in addition to the usual teenage angst.

    You're describing depression to a t so I would recommend that yes, you should see a doctor. Most schools have a counselor you can talk to I would just be concerned that she may not see you're in a real, clinical depression.

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