I hate running into undesireable ppl. For me, they jump out at me from no where and always catching me by surprise!……

Since I’ve joined I’ve read alot of profiles and many blogs and posted many replies. Only twice have I replied to any post with a bit of an attitude, there were only two posts that I found very offensive, I addressed them head on no BSing around. I made my point and I made it clear…..

Though, for the rest of my thoughts and/ or replies I’ve tried to be constructive and supporting to all who I can relate to. I’ve made alot of wonderful friends here and all but a few were made on my part. All others have made the decision to want to be my friend and I prefer it that way. I want only ppl who truely believe that I would be someone they would have as a friend…..

I’m not the type of person to be so picky about my friends, if I had to go through every bad flaw that someone has before excepting them as a friend I would never have any! Just recently, I had someone go through my profile. They proceeded in telling me that I was basically undesirable as a friend. Ok, I can accept that but, to leave me a message and bashing me a person was a really nasty thing to do. ….

Does the words “ignore” and “move on” mean anything? This supposed to be a group for support not one to pull out all your judgmental thinking on everyone here and only give “your” so called precious attention to those whose meets your “STANDARDS” ( just so that you know this IS NOT for you Jonathan). …..

If I’m scary as a person then “BOO, NOW LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!” If I’m that undesirable then why bother to even talk to me? …..

I’m sorry that posted something like this but I needed to vent and get it out of my system. ….

What better place to do that than here!….

Oh, just in case anyone who would want to know who did this to me, please don’t ask because I won’t say who. I won’t play thier game of bashing ppl! I may be undesireable to some, but I’m not going to go around and say nasty things to them or about them. ……

I do what any smart person would do I “ignore” and I “move on”

  1. Mysticaldream66 14 years ago

    You are right, this is the last place you would expect to find a person bashing another. Maybe they were having a bad day or something. You are a good person and always no matter what I get good threads of information form you. You alwasy have a good “cookie” crumb in your postings and they help me a lot in understand this disorder and to better understand my BF. So don’t let one bad apple ruin the rest of us.

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  2. sorrowfulpoet 14 years ago

    I’m sorry they did that. That sucks 🙁 I know elsewhere you can report people for harassing you–I’m not sure about here though.

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