In India love marriages are not very well accepted ( it is more common now though). Well after that we should expect to have chosen the right person and one who would know how good you are and things like that. I regret not listining to my parents , the way things turned out doesnt match with what I had plans for life.
Well my problem is my husband , we live with my inlaws and his unmarried sister. I have pretty much adjusted to the unwanted commnets of his mother and sister , but what bothers me is this guy married me to be his servant not a wife. He wants me to quit my job so that I can sit at home and do all the house work.I am so shocked listning to this that I wish I can just turn back time and live my life differently.
No1 else is to blame for how my life turned out except for myself. I should have done things differently.I can say that i was manipulated emotinally and with wrong facts , but the truth is I chose to believe in them .
I have had enough of this guy and all the work that he makes me do.I share all the house expenses inlucding pay his credit card bills and his loans , I have to do all house work cleaning cooking washing on top this guy also wants me to do every work possible that can be done outside. Paying bills, booking tickets .
I work the same hours as he does then why is it that all he gets to do is sit at home/ sleep and eat and I get pushed around, did I allow myself to be treated like this?
His mother had an affair and divorced his father, which I came to know from his mom and now they live together just for appearence sake. This guy has not said anything about this to me ever, not even mentioned anything about this. She ran away from home 1 time and all 3 in the house chose to tell me that she has gone on a pilgrimage .
what a load of Bull.
so any one wants to comment please tell me how would you feel if before every work some1 asks you to wash your hands. You come out of the toilet they ask you did you wash your hand. I MEAN EVERYTIME.
Thats it for now , may be next time I feel down I will write more

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  1. shreedi 16 years ago

    Its not that easy here.
    Everything involves family . I have to make sure I do not hurt my family when I decide on anything. You would see tonnes of women suffering just for the sake of family.
    I am gald I could get some one to respond. I really do want to leave this guy.

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