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As if its not bad enough that you did all those things to me. Beat me, hurt me emotionally, fuck with my head, steal from me, and you abandoned me. You still call me to this day to harrass me. I still was there for you. All that time even when you hurt me and abused me. When you stole from me i forgave you, when you beat me i forgave you, when i found out that you watched father daughter porn i forgave you. Doesnt that mean anything to you? Cant you see that you are hurting me? Cant you see that you are messing with my head each and every day i think about you. I cant go a waking minute without something reminding me of you. Ive been smoking more and drinking more. Every night before i go to sleep i think about you and a part of me hopes that when i fall asleep ill stay asleep because it would just be easyer that way. I stoped talking to you becacuse you said you were going to drive here and kill me. Me and my mother. Why do you think thats an okay thing to say? why would you think that i would continue to talk to you after something like that? because i did it before? because i excepted your abuse before? well guess what. im 19 now, ive been on my own since i was 12 when you left me here and moved 5 hours away and let me live with a family that you didnt even know. That you didnt have any desire to even get to know. you talked to him a total of 1 time. in the whole 1 and a half years that i lived there till i moved to the other two familys i went though. And you know what. my boyfriend has been there the whole time. Were have you been? So you have no reason to leave me all these messages on my phone saying that hes a bastard and that your going to kill him. Its not his falt that you are a horrible father and a horrible human being. I thought that this time around would have been better for you. Seeing as how my older siblings are more fucked up than me. I thought that you and i were going to be best friends. I didnt think that you were the creeper that you really are. I dont know what to do with myself anymore. Every morning that i wake up all i want to do is go back to bed. All i want to do is wish that all the bills would get paid and that i could just live by myself for the rest of my life with no friends and no family. I wish you would stop calling me and screeming atme through voicemail. I cant hear you when you leave them. But i do listen to every single one. You treatened me. What was i suposed to do. Im already scared of men. What more do you want from me?


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