Back in November I decided enough was enough I had socked on a lot of weight and wanted to start getting back into running and the gym and get back into the shape I was always in before all this. Anyways I started exercising and eating better and since november I've lost 28lbs and started to tone up a lot. Last week I got the stomach flu and took most of the week off to rest … it really knocked me for a loop. Now I'm having a hard time getting back into things and my ocd has taken it over … well and depression too I guess . I sit here all day and worry that the weight is going to come back ( even though I know it's not going to come back that fast lol ) yet I cant seem to find the motivation to go work out I've been really down and all I want to do is lye around or be lazy and stick around the house .

The past couple of mornings i havnt been able to get up out of bed before 12

today it's 8:51 am and I was going to go to two classes at the gym one at 9 and one at 10. I got up and got a nice hot shower to try and wake myself up a little … but I'm not going to make the classes I want to go back to sleep. I dont know if I should be happy that atleast I was able to get up and get a shower early and make an attempt or super dissapointed in myself that I didnt put in enough effort and actually make it there .

I'm going back to bed for a nap… I WILL get myself to the gym today at some point even if it's only for hald an hour …. I want to be able to say I fough through this funk I'm in


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