Okay, I am a girl, but I'm not a girly-girl: I'm a tomboy. In theater, it's joked around that I'm not really a girl because I refuse to wear makeup, skirts, dresses, and I could care less that I have the frizziest hair ever. The joke never bothered me. Hell, it's true. I've never used mascara/eye liner before the UIL show, never knew what a slip was, and I'm still at a loss on how non-sport bras work.

There's been many attempts from my parents to get me to turn into a "real girl" again, but this time my mom's going a bit farther. Not only is she trying to make me buy a purse (what's wrong with pockets? I only carry three things!), but she's forcing me to get a manicure with her.If I nearly kicked the makeup lady at Macy's for coming near me, what on earth makes her think I want some random person messing around my fingers and taking nail polish to me?

I've explored the possibilty of me having Gender Identity Disorder, but I don't. I'm just not comfortable with the things I'm "supposed" to wear/do. I'm not ashamed of my body, but why do I have to show it off if I don't want to? Who cares if I have curves or "great legs?" If they're mine, then I should have the choice to keep them to myself. Why do I have to waste extra sleep time in the morning to put on makeup and take an iron to my hair when the look gets old after a few days?

If people supposedly love me for the way I am, why do I have to make myself look any different? I like wearing pants all the time and not showing off my chest. Telling me to go buy a skirt is like telling my mom to go bungee jumping: We both get mortified at the idea.

I wore a dress for theater, did makeup, and broke in two pairs of heels. I found that bad, but okay because I knew I didn't have to dress like that everyday. Is there anyway to get my parents to understand I DON'T WANT to be any different? Apparently being reduced to tears out of sheer un-comfortableness for eyeliner doesn't get through to them. What else has to happen before they get it?


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