First off I’m a Pastor’s wife. For so long now , before I found out I had ocd, I thought my impulses and thoughts were a lake of faith. But the Lord has showed me different.  When me and my husband went to our family doctor to tell her about my problems. I was really scared and upset. At this point I didn’t realize I had ocd I just thought I was  crazy.  Well she told us she thought I had ocd. But I needed to see a pychatrist. Guess what, there was one there and it was his first day and he had an opening right then. I was like, "great this really stinks!"  My husband looked at me and said "Isn’t God good. What are the chances?" I looked at him with tears running down my face and say, "Even the Lord thinks I’m crazy!" My husband just kind of chuckled and pulled me over to him to put his arms around me.

Well after I saw the head doctor and he explained to me it is a real medical condition. I starting thinking, a long time later, "the Lord is really good to me. " I mean what were the chances of me showing up on that day, at that time , it was his first day, and he had an opening right then. God had His hand in it all the while.

God has let me recieve ocd. He could take it away if He wanted to. I don’t know why He let me have it. But I pray I can use it for His glory. I pray that oneday I might be able to help someone suffering from the same thing. I pray that I can open the christian view about taboo disablites.

Alot of people don’t realize this is a real disorder. They think you can just stop the urges and thoughts. I pray that I can be a speaker for us who suffer with this horrible disorder. Just to lighten the world that it is real.

If you can’t tell, I have had a really good day today! I love these good days with mild symptoms. Praise be to God for these days!!!!!!!

  1. rq5738 15 years ago

     How nice to hear you echo such similar thoughts as are shared by many of us here.  You have come to a nice place– to get support and to give it.  I have found that  even when I am feeling good, it is hard to stay away from here because I find myself drawn to others who suffer with this and I want to help those who come her at low points.  I want to encourage them with my own story… not because it is easy or there’s something special about it… but because I’ve been at those lowest points.  I’ve challenged myself to beat it and resisted the medications, kept myself isolated and washed endlessly, and of course, been to the place where I felt that my family would be better off without me.  I don’t want ANYONE to feel that way and  will encourage anyone I encounter to hang in there, get treatment, and have faith.

    It is nice to hear from you!  Welcome to "tthe Tribe!"  


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  2. StephenLeaver 15 years ago

    For some reason we are allowed to suffer with ocd, but somehow, it is part of his plan. Although sometimes I wonder. I think that is why faith is so important. 

    Glad to hear you had a good day. 

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