Well the first day back didnt go to too badly. i was freakin out in the morning anxiety level reaching peaks over stupid thigns like seeing friends. Which i dont really understand myself. but having to intract with them i find just stressful they seem to be getting caught up in the whole drama stricken high school girl stange, making the whole socializing matter with them worse. Oh well, ill just continue with the smiling and then end up going back to read.

Im dreading lunch tomorow, our school decided to have a mandatory "mix it up day" at lunch meaning we have to sit with people whom we dont know and cant read or listen to our ipods. Which could make since in a large school but I go to a small privtae school so we know everyone, but just choose not to like them. so that will just be an awkward time of staring off hoping i dont get the obnoxious boys.

Tomorow also has to be gym which is when what little positve side leaves and i become more depressed after being continuly yelled at becuase i hurt the team, ha on not to mention my gym teacher has be on all the teams switching off basically cause im the left over and no one wnats me on their team. having me hurts them more then helps them.

Then after that theres always work, which isnt to to bad. I’m kind of opposite, the worst part of working to me is my break. I have basically no wehre to go at break and end up freaking out cuase i feel like everyones just watching me wondering why im not working, the customeres that is.

ugh so i most definatly feel like a whiney person beacuase these matters seem so small and childish. and they kinda are but oh well.


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