Everyday it seems that I am unhappy. I woke up this morning and everything was fine. I went to school and I had all my work done, should be a good day. I talked to the person I'm not dating anymore and he still makes me feel those happy in love feelings. Which isn't bad. It's when I come home things get bad. You would think that the next events wouldn't lead up to a fight but somehow they do. Once my mom picked me up we went to get water. She got mad when I asked a question (we previously were not fighting, I had not made her mad), the question was: why do we have to go inside the store for water? Since there is a thing outside that you put money in and fill up your water. Then we went to a gas station and I got a bag of chips that were a dollar and a soda that was also a dollar. We get home, we both eat and shower and then I mentioned that we should sellscrap aluminum from tea cans so I can save up for my prom dress. She said nothing to this. I told her I was trying to save up for it already and that I had already saved up eight dollars. She proceeded to yell at me asking where I had got the money and getting mad that I had made her buy my bag of chips and drink. She called me selfish and when I said that she was being mean she called me stupid. She made me cry and when I cried she told me that I am a drama queen. She went on to say that I better kiss up to my father because she isn't buying me a dress at all now, she isn't buying me anything and that as soon as I turn eighteen she is not paying for my phone anymore. She threw in my face that I am not her daughter and that I have asked why her and my father took me. They do not want me and they have told me how much they want me to move out and how much they hate me. I can not take it anymore. It is like this everyday. I am not able to talk with anyone. It makes me feel all alone.


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