SO after talking to a couple of friends today I should write a blog about what I am thankful for. I do have a lot of things.

1. My relationship with the Divine. It may not be the same name as yours, but it's still the same source. 😉

2. My relationships with my husband ~ we've been through a lot and he's changed so much over the years regarding my needs due to bipolar disorder. And he's got a good sense of humor when I need it most. I love him very much.

3. My son. He is my sunshine, literally.His beauty and silliness and lovely childish ease is such a joy to take in and be around. His affections make me feel like maybe I'm going to be okay someday.

4. My Mom.Although she makes me crazy a lot she has ALWAYS been there. She may not have always gotten it right, but what parent can ever say that they have?

5. My music. While I don't play often now, I do still ocassionally and sing quite a bit. That's a huge step forward from where I was several years ago when I was musically mute. That was a horrible time for me and I have to remind myself how far I've come since then.

6. My doctors and therapist ~ they are key players to helping me get better, and the set I have now are wonderful.

7. Ability to do for myself ~ that explains itself.

8. A home to live in (even if it isn't mine), a bed to sleep in, food in my stomach, a car to drive (just have to be careful how much gas I use) and so on.

9. One of the most important to me ~ my animals. My animals are my friends, not just pets. They are family to me and are always there to comfortme and love me in good and bad times. If I need affection they are always available and willing. And it's a 2 way street. They are my other children and always will be.

10. Finally, we get to the last one. Friends. Especially my friends here at Dtribe. You all have gotten me through so much, both good and bad. You have ridden along on my journey thus far and have stayed…and for that I love each of you. This is the support I've always needed; and now, because of you I have it. And this is also a 2 way street. I will be here to lean on for you as well.

For all these things, I am truly Blessed.


  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

     Well said

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  2. Andie372 10 years ago

     Love your list.  I have many things in common with you, except I am not musical in nature.  And my Mom is gone, as of January this year.  Miss her a lot.  It's really weird having no parents alive.  My daughter in law calls me the matriarch of the family and I hate that.  That was my Mom's job.


    Anyway thanks for your positive post and I am thankful that you think of me as a friend.  We all need somebody to lean on.  

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  3. landscaper 10 years ago

    i`m truly thankful that we are friends.(((Key)))…

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