I got my mood stabilizer at the pharmacy yesterday and took it last night. I think it is working already. I don't think I will blow up at anyone at work. I was so close to doing that Monday. I also remembered to take my morning meds!!

I talked to my Dad last night to thank him for enlarging my birdfeeder so larger birds could use it. I cardinal had finally landed on it for months and months of avoiding it. I was so happy to see that. My Dad suprised me by mentioning how sorry he was that I was feeling bad and that once he had run out of medicine and he felt awful too. I really didn't think he would remember or understand.

I am looking forrward to my therapy appointment today. I hope I do more than just talk about happy things. she is a neat lady and I end up talking about how much I like her outfit and crap like that. I am pretty sure that today ai will talk about me and my parents. Not just how they have chhanged, but how my relationship wit them has changed and how I can not feel guilty about it.

Well, I'd better get in the shower for work. I can get so lazy about it, even when my hair is obviously dirty….that old depression! I think I have time to do it today, especially if i hurry, but I woudl rather use my time on the computer.

If I go fast enoughh, I will have time to get back her. I actually get up at 3AM so I have time to get on the computer before leaving for work at 4:30. Makes me feel much better to touch in with the world. Maybe I will get up even earlier and make time to read the news…..if I do that I SHOULD go to bed earlier too.

I MUST do some prep for the show on Saturrday….mat and frame some photos, just to bbe sure I have all the supplies and enlargements I nned too.

I hope everyone has a good day, and please remember that for many of us, that darkness can go away..for some of us, thhe next day, for others longer. I really think there is hope for most of us. Take care.


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