So…. I got the most interesting pep talk from someone I would never expect it from…. my mother… to put this simply she is someone I don't really like and I have had a lot of emotional and unstablness through her and because of her so dealing with her and getting this was a big shock…. and well it was a motivational smack in the face.

So it starts off with havingshe and i just talking and i said i hated a lot of things about mom and it got to the point where i was yelling at her and she sat therelistened to itand just said "i know".

And well… we talked… for quite a bit… and she said that "you're only 19… yes I know you have dreams of marriage and I have dreams of grand children but you have to remember that dealing with people is just a pain… each has their own needs and wants…yes everyone is different… yes those differences cause alot of fights… and yes there have been times when your father and I have wanted to strangle each other… and kill each other… that is frustration through communication… I'm so sorry that you got that from us…

so….it's…. normal??? or genetic….???? umm… im really confused
so she said "you're only 19… you have a long life ahead, just because 1 girl you really fell for doesnt want to have the same thing you want… you're allowed to be hurt but you have to understand that if she isn't right for you then you have to stand up and take it, and if she is the right one for you… then she will come back and you can work it out
i've never heard her say anything deep before.

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