As you know I suffer from the contamination thingy of ocd lol

For  some reason even after all these years every time I get a hair cut its

like Im having some kind of an inspiration done lol Im decomtaminating myself and making myself whole again..

But only thing is that hair grows back and you got to get it cut again..

So" its like I get all stress,d out becuase I got all these rituals to perform before I go! like I will take a shower making shure that I do this perfectly, use a brand new bar of soap, than I will put on my best looking never washed yet

 clothes , but before all this I need to find a special hair cutting place one Ive never been before cuz the others are contaminated lol  its hard because im runnin out lol

The when I find a place" and go there" I open the door very carefully, make shure there are not certain types of shampoo, like redkin or micheals or what ever being used because someplace that was contaminated was using them before.

But anyway I walk in to sit down making shure that the aprons out side dosnt

touch my cloths cuz it will become contamined and all will be lost and i will need to start all over again.

If it all works out it will be ok .. but then when I  it cut I smoke ok"?

mabe I got to close with my liter shinged my hair oh god now I need to get it cut all over again last week I got a real nice hair cut its short lol

But but something didnt seem to work out in the ritual part and now im all stress out about needing to do everything all over AGAIN LOL  PEOPLE TELL ME THAT ITS GREAT  MY HAIR AND i NEED TO LEAVE IT ALONE.



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  1. the_beautyfly 14 years ago

    oh, compulsions. Aren’t they fun?

    I get what’s going on, and in my eye, there’s really only one way to solve it- stop with the rituals. I don’t mean all at once. Like, the next time you go to get your hair cut, go to a salon that you’ve been to before- perhaps there’s one in particular that you like? From that point on, it’ll be easier to stop with the little things- like freaking out if certain shampoo brands are in the store, worrying about contamination if aprons touch your clothes, having to wear brand new clothes every single time, etc.

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