I had a great weekend.. took the boys go kart racing..the track is 3 and a half hours drive away, so we camped at the track for two nights, did testing and raced on saturday.  My nine year old raced for the first time, and my 11 year old did his second meeting in Rookies, stepping up from Midgets.. we have only been go karting since May last year, and my boys, and my husband love it.  I tend to just be the team manager, getting things organised and I have been known to spin a spanner or two ..
I also volunteer my time helping out in the tower, getting scores, and lapcounting etc…

Hubby got 3rd over all for his class.. DJ the 11 year old came 1st!  and my youngest, for his first ever race meeting came 5th out of 7 karts, and drove and handled it all beautifully.  I cant even begin to tell you all how proud I am!

The downside..
The bugs, mozzies and flies were absolutely unbearable.  As soon as you were outside the tent, you just got swarmed.  The heat was also unbearable, it made me so ill i was hardly able to breathe.  My boys in their race suits suffered greatly. 
It was so damn hot we got hardly next to no sleep. 
THEN.. the semi finals, and RAIN!  it poured.  Everything and everyone was soaked to the skin.. and even tho it was refreshing OMG it made it hard to drive.. it made it more work changing tyres to wets.. and it made it very muddy!

all i could do was laugh

Then this morning, we were doing more testing…
we were going great guns, giving the kids hints on the track, coaching them, making them faster.. when my son came in, he somehow slipped getting out of the kart, and his hand touched the muffler.. burned his little fingers thru the glove!
We spent two hours packing up, and me trying to help this poor 11 year old, with fingers blistered, getting them to stop hurting.. i cried..

something always has to come along and fuck it all up ..
my and my husband had just been saying how great the week end had been, bugs and mud and heat aside.. and then something shit like that has to go spoil it..
Fuck me..


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