There’s this girl, we’ll call her B. My parents had to go out to go Christmas shopping and I had to watch the baby, I asked B to lend a hand sense she lived down the road and was a friend of mine. B is older than I am and so I was very nervous, when she arrived everything was okay, everything seemed fine but after a while I started feeling really down. After we fed the baby we went upstairs, gave her a bath, and went to put her to bed around 7:30pm. We sat it the dark room for a while, Me on the bed laying with the baby, her on a mattress on the floor. After the baby feel asleep I went over to her an asked if she wanted to go get some food downstairs, She silently got up and simply hugged me from behind. At this point I was stunned and nervously hugged back unsure of what was going on. We went down stairs and ate some cereal and talked for a bit, eventually the conversation went from school, to relationships; I asked if she was single and she said that she was, and I was surprised because she’s really rather attractive and cute, Not thinking I blurted out, “But that’s crazy! Your so beautiful…”  she said I was sweet but she disagreed, I simply replied, “Please, No one like you could ever like someone like me.” she then turned her phone around revealing a series of texts from her to a friend, she had spammed her friend with texts about how she might like me. We talked a little after I freaked the fuck out, and cried for a while. We went to watch TV, we snuggled a bit and then she was teasing me so I tackled her down tickling her… We looked at each other and.. we kissed. We’ve barely talked sense and she won’t even look at me. – E

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  1. condemned 2 years ago

    This sounds like a good start to 2019 for you.

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