You don’t see you the way I do…

You don’t believe in you sad but true,

The beauty and grace thats held within,

It wouldn’t, not once ever be a sin,

To let someone in,

Stop letting fear win,


You don’t see you the way I do,

The love in your eyes,

more precious than the starry skies,

The tears you cry,

break my heart as if to die,

Please never say goodbye


You don’t see you the way i do,

you don’t understand what is your cue,

I only wish you knew,

the love i have in my heart it’s true,

So lift your head high stop being so blue,

because you have no clue….


You don’t see you the way i do…

And you’ll never know how much I’ll always love you.

  1. Author

    Thank you chat <3

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  2. maitee 3 years ago

    that’s so beautiful!!!

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