I hate how I feel so lonely but when I am given the chance to actually meet people I hide away :(. On facebook I had an invite for a party but its with people I don't really like but everyone from class was going… I feel extremely awkward around people, since I have only really ever had like 1 friend to rely on I cant just go to a party with like 30 people and drink etc. But now I look all stuck up and looks like I dont wanna hang out with them 🙁

I have hung out with them before and I couldnt handle it i had to leave early, just noone talks to me! what do you do at a party when noone gives a shit about you being there? just sit and drink? i tried you know talking to some familiar faces but after the usual chit chat conversation dried up and they just move on and had fun with others leaving me standing like a lemon alone in a corner near the drinks lol…:(

So I just sat there and after trying needlessly to join in the groups fun and being continually ignored for an hour I just said I wasnt feeling to great, grabbed my coat and left. Oh I also HATE getting my photo taken so thats another reason I hate parties etc because i feel so ugly and horrible.

The party was last night and now i have spent the whole day feeling really upset and lonely that they are all having fun and even if i did go noone cares! whats so boring about me that noone wants to like me? I try so hard and it really sucks that im anxious and find it hard to talk to people. I want to be more outgoing but how do i go out feeling confident and what do i do if people ignore me?

  1. Love_Shines 8 years ago

    Maybe those kinds of parties aren't your thing?  I'm not very good at being social myself and I've never really liked things like that, yet it is usually the socially acceptable thing to do and some people do look at you like you're stuck up or think you're better but truth is you know what is best for you more than anyone.  Peer pressure is dumb.  Fitting in is dumb.  I think everyone or at least most people want to feel like they "belong" somewhere though.  The lonliness can feel like a killer.  I am trying to think of something that might help but I don't really know what works for me.  I guess I just keep trying to reach out when I can and hope that the right people stick around.  Take care.

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  2. onelyric 8 years ago

     Smiling…I have done the same..but I soon learned it was me that caused the problem…I needed to radiate positive out going and when I tried that …wow…hard believe me …a little relaxant and that helped. I force myself to be positive..that too was hard. I tend to be a person who has the compassion for others but forget myself, I back off and think most are againest me.

    People wont ignore you if you smile and say this is me…{ok I can say it but boy it's hard, but I make myself}

    You are beautiful…say that…have confidence in that…believe in you.


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  3. lonelystudent 8 years ago

     Thank you all for the comments 🙂 

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