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I am a 75 year old/young European holistic activist, and an open minded Buddhist and I have been a vegetarian for over 50 years, which I'm sure has contributed to my healing process. I spend most of my waking hours on my computer, researching and promoting the holistic lifestyle, in all its different aspects. I am particularly interested in helping people to find a goal in their lives, which will help them to heal.

My other main interests, at this time are Holistic Governance, (I support Barack Obama in my other blogs) Global Warming, Planetary Healing, with an emphasis on investigating the extraordinary weather conditions prevailing at this time. I have found the answer in to this question in the book, "The Coming Global Superstorm" by Art Bell & Witley Strieber, published by Pocket Books and The Fictional Movie (which in my opinion reflects Fact not Fiction) "The Day After Tomorrow" which credits the above book.

The powers that try to control our lives, have kept us all in the dark, about climate change, for financial gain via the Oil and Coal etc. big business interests, and we now find ourselves on the edge of an envionmental disaster, never before seen in recorded history. I Ask all those who read this blog to get the above book and a copy of the Movie. I don't get a commission on sales, but I do want to help the Human Race, all the other species and our Planet to survive and evolve. Will you help me to pass this vital message out to all those people who value life as we do, to try reduce the effect of this Global Superstorm. This is My Goal for my remaining years. What Yours. Please respond. Sincerely Michael  

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  1. michael2008 13 years ago

    Hello Friends, Thank you for responding. I addition to my group "Gay Global Roundtable" I want to also create "HIVAIDS For Climate Change" to show that despite our personal issues, we also want a less polluted and clean Planet, which is in my humble opinion is most urgent, if we want all our goals to be met. Please respond. Thanks Sincerely Michael

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