Many people have asked, “How can I help?” I have done most of the work, but it will require some time and stamps *wink* on your part.  I want to thank you in advance for your help. PLEASE, feel free to pass this along to ANY and EVERYONE who may be inclined to help (ie. Community organizations, friends, family.) My best chance for success is to have as many representatives contacted, as many times, as possible. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] with “question” in the subject line of the email. THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!

 1)   Call, write, and email, the D.C. office of your congressional representative and senators.

·         TO FIND PHONE NUMBER/EMAIL/ADDRESS: You can find your senators and congressional representative contact information by going to . Just click on each senator’s and congressional representative’s name and you will get there address, telephone, and email information.

·         When calling ask to speak to the person who handles military legislation.

·         You can modify the form letter (see attachment entitled “help pass HR”) I have written.

·         The Main Talking Points: Pass House Resolution 3472, which is in the Armed Services Committee; Richelle Starnes was infected due to a military medical mistake, my family was promised that I would receive care, and now the Navy is trying to escape responsibility. H.R. 3472 would require that the Navy provide treatment for HIV.

·         I think the best way to get this passed is to “BLITZ” the congressional offices with phone calls, hopefully several calls this week, and then follow-up with them receiving letters during the following week.

2)   Contact the Navy representatives by phone and letter as well. 

·         I have included a form letter (see attachment entitled, “NavyReconsider”) that can be sent to them. 

·         Again, implore them to reconsider their last decision.

·         They can be reached in the following ways:

Navy Contact: Calls should be directed to Ilka Regino in Legislative Affairs, 202-762-3321

For Correspondance: You can send this to the following two addresses:

Vice Admiral Robinson

                        Surgeon General of the Navy

                        2300 E St, NW

                        Washington, D.C.  20372

 Donald C. WinterSecretary of the Navy
1000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, D.C. 20350-1000
 3)   Contact the House Committee on Armed Forces

·         The private bill, HR 3472, was introduced to the House Committee on Armed forces. To contact them to have them support my bill:

Address: House Committee on Armed Services

               2120 RHOB

               Washington, D.C.  20515-6035

Telephone: 202-225-4151


·         If you want to see if your representative is on this committee you can visit:

·         Again, if this committee doesn’t consider the bill, it has NO CHANCE of passing, because it won’t get out of committee to have a vote by the floor (entire) of congress. 


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