It was a hard night. I kept the smile on my face for the happiness of everyone else. They don’t want to see a mopy anoying person like myself hanging around. I’ll put on the facade of being happy, i’m the only one that knows the truth.

There is this guy that catches my bus sometimes, I usually see him at least twice a week. One day a week or so ago, he smiled at me. It was such a warm smile, and a true smile, I could no nothing but smile back.

He isn’t typically handsome in a traditional way. There is something about him that just makes me want to look at him. He has these beautiful blue eyes that contrast his dark hair. About my age. He doesn’t wear a suit jacket, but often has a shirt and a polar fleece vest. He reminds me of a boy that was in my high school. It might even be him. It could be him, just with more of a jawline and longer hair.

He was on the bus again today. He was at the other end of the bus facing towards the back where I was. When he seen me, he flashed that true smile at me, I could do nothing but smile back at him. The entire trip we’d look at each other, smile and quickly look away. Like there was something very interesting out the window. I’d still have the smile on my face, and so would he. Just the sides of our mouths. I caught us both giggling at the same time. At one point he stood up to let an older lady take his seat. My heart jumped as he started walking up to where I was sitting. There were no other seats but one quite a few seats infront of me, not not facing me. He got off at his stop. Where he always does. Just before he gets off, he looks at me again, and flashes another huge smile. My heart stops. Then starts again when he opens the doors and gets off.

I wish I had the courage to talk to him. He has a very kind face and smile. I don’t though. Maybe he’ll talk to me one day.





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