I don’t understand why I can’t just wake up in the morning and feel pretty or smart or happy. I don’t understand why I compare myself to everyone I see. When people pass me in the hallways, I look at their cloths and hair, but not to judge them. To judge myself. Thoughts like why can’t I play soccer or why can’t I look good in a ponytail. All day thinking about what I need to wear or who I need to snapchat to be considered “cool” or “popular.” I don’t even know what those words mean. Why should I care about people thinking I’m “cool” or “popular” when I don’t even like myself anymore. When the race catches up to me. When everything unfolds and all you can do is cry because everyone seems like they dress better or fit in naturally. When all you do is try to be good at everything, you end up loosing everything. Trying your best everyday, but the one thing you are not trying to do is be yourself. The one thing you don’t realize is that when you try to be yourself, everything falls into place. You are happy and confident. You accept yourself for who you are. Suddenly, you feel smart and athletic and pretty and PERFECT. Not a word you hear often. That phrase that “no one is perfect” is a lie. Everyone is perfect just in their own way. Why care about popularity, the way you dress, the sports you play, etc.. if you can’t even love yourself.

The worst feeling is looking in the mirror and feeling ugly or fat. Then you start to question everything and the cycle repeats. And you are hurt but not because of someone else. Because of yourself. You are bullying yourself. The truth is that the only one that actually cares what you look like or what sports you play is YOU. When a person is walking down the hallways, It doesn’t bother me if they are wearing a skirt or a sweatshirt. The truth is that insecurity is an epidemic. Every teenage girl in the world struggling to “fit in” and feel “cool”. What if everyone just loved themselves for who they are? Would the world stop? Or would everything continue? Think about it.


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