Things We May Have in Common:

  • Drowning in self pity, wallowing in pools of emotion, (to quote an ex)  Knowing you do self pity and trying to count your blessings instead, but still the self pity comes back, over and over.
  • Hating…Yourself, Others, The World, The Establishment, Bad Drivers, The Insurance Industry, The Pharmaceutical Industry, The Social Conservatives, Rush Limbaugh and the Idiots Who Listen, The Vapid Extreme Liberals, SUV’s, Oh Yes, I Could Go On and On But You Get The Point.
  • Taking anti depressants for decades and still being depressed.
  • Being afraid of losing it once and for all, or wishing that you would so you could finally rest.
  • Losing friends thru losing interest in making the effort to socialize, and neglecting them for so long, they go away.
  • Joining a gym but almost never going, or never go!
  • Having no insurance.
  • Going to "Counselors" for a few weeks or months, if they have a sliding scale, and keeping journals that you later burn. Go to see the DOCTOR so you can get a prescription written (Which probably won’t work, oh, and s/he does NOT have a sliding scale.)  You spend 30 minutes waiting to see the DOCTOR who talks to you for 10 minutes and then scribbles a prescription for a generic version. 

Thanks for reading                                            Onward, thru the fog.

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  1. BeOptimistic 14 years ago

    Oh I had to log back in to comment. 

    Uh, did I write that? 

    Thanks for sharing.  Sorry you are lonely.  Hugs, Patty

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