i wanted to take some time out from blogging from myself and my problems and make a short one about others..

i hope this doesnt offend anyone, but i thought about depression tribe last night for a very long time. i thought to myself, here we all are, people in a crucial state of mind, extremely depressed, and mostly tired on our lives. here we all are, standing at the edge of the cliff, neither ready to fall or ready to back away. i wondered how many of us fell, and if we would ever know. this site has over thousands and thousands of users, yet i would say only 20 of us blog regularly since we joined the site. i would say that the same use the chat utility, and others upload pictures and browse. but how many of us left without us knowing? isnt it wierd..that someone who might have blogged, maybe blogged for the last time? from when i have joined, which is not too long ago, i can count on my fingers how many people have already left…and in a strange way..it really astounds me.

i don’t think i’ve ever dealt with such a reality online, on an online world. when i think about people who have died whom are associated with this site..i think about myself who could be in the same place. i don’t know when or what would be my last blog..and suppose if this was, would anyone know? i would simply fade away without anyone knowing, a part of the back of this book..

i want to say that i don’t know everyone whom has died. i don’t know how, or why. but i do remember, not people but ideas. i remember thoughts and beliefs, because i see them in myself. the last moments, the last thoughts. the last tear. the last knowing. and then finally the blow.

rest in peace, to all those who didn’t give up, but to those who let themselves fall down out of reality, and into the quiet and comfort of a dream.


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