1. garfunkal 2 years ago

    Hey I’m really sorry you’re going through this. How many different medications have you tried? Maybe you just havent found the right combination yet. I know it’s not fun being a guinea pig but keep trying. Also sorry to say this site isn’t great for attracting friends. You could try messaging people and sending friend requests but I have found not many people chat on here. Feel free to message me ok if you need someone to talk to. You are not alone in this, even tho it seems that way, hang in there x

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  2. vee-r 2 years ago


    Definitely agree with garfunkal. This is a good site to do some mental health care, but sometimes it can be hard to get people to reach out. But you should definitely keep up to date on this website. In the end, it is a good source for practicing mental health. Have you tried exposure therapy either with a professional or on your own?

    Feel free to send me a message as well.

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