wow man i have to say that there has truly been some dysfunctional blogs written lately. you know i always thought my family put the "fun" in dysfunctional but now i am not so sure. i see people truly trying to complicate this simplistic program that has saved all of ours asses more than once. are you truly giving this "recovery" thing a chance in your life? some find the idea of totally giving up everything to save their lives really hard to do. stop being a part of the problem and learn how to live in the solution. so you have to change your playmates, playthings and playplaces. it's what you did when you first picked up. now you just have to reverse it in your daily lives.

i come here looking for and hoping to share experience, strength and hope. as it says in "how it works" we have to be open minded, honest and willing. if we can just do those 3 simple things to start our lives will start to get better. we tell you we will love you until you can learn to love yourself. we will help you work the 12 steps, 12 traditions and the 12 concepts. we all start with baby steps. progress will come at it's own pace. it's always about progress not perfection. we have got to be teachable. you cannot graft a new thought on a closed mind. you can't move forward if you are alays looking back.

trust me i say i am no expert on recovery. i am eternally grateful to God for keeping me from ever relapsing in my years of being a card carrying member of Narcotics Anonymous. relapsing is not an option, using is not an option, being miserable is not an option. if there is something in your life that keeps you from growing in recovery than you need to eliminate the problem.

keep a positive attitude and soon that same attitude will turn into an attitude of gratitude to the fellow addicts who have helped you along the way. if you can go half the distance to stay clean as you did to get loaded this program we call recovery can and will be a piece of cake. yes i write long blogs but it's truly the only way i can seem to get my message to people who just can't see to see how simple this recovery thing really is. give recovery one year and if your still not happy then we can refund your misery 100 percent. recovery is not for everybody. it's only for those who truly want it. if you want peace and serenity in your life, if you are tired of living the life you currently lead give this simple 12 step program a chance to work in your life.

stay clean and be good to yourselves. remember that recovery is a journey not a destination and use the rest stops God provides along the way.


A brother in recovery,




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  1. Yaya 12 years ago

    Thanks JJ for sharing what I wish I said ! While we need to all remember where we came from (that very dark world) we have had various amounts of sobriety and will gaurd it with our very lives.

    We can only help each other move forward in our recovery process and continuous blogs in active addiction are helping no one if the person doing the blogging is not seeking a solution. As part of 12 step work we are here to help anyway we can but we can't help you if you don't want help or seek a solution. Recovery is the most wonderful experience of my life and frankly IS my life. Thanks again and hoorah !

    Karen (Yaya)

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