I have had anxiety for many years now, I am now 21 living with my boyfriend of 1 and a half years. Currently, I am in our room crying and he is out in the lounge. I am thinking about breaking up with him, but I really don't want to. Heres the situation:

I was cheated on by my ex and have had girls flirt with my current partner before. So I am a bit nervous about other girls. We both started christmas work a few weeks ago. He met a girl at his work about 2 weeks ago. On their first time working together they planned for him to go over to her house and she would cook him a curry and then they would watch a movie together. I was not invited and they we're going to be alone. I was not comfertable with this I explained to him I didn't want that to happen unless we went as a group. He said no and that I didn't trust him and he was going to do it because they are friends. I wrote him a letter asking him not to do it as I found it weird and made me uncomfertable, he talked to the girl and THEY agreed not to do it. This was about a week ago. Today he came out and said they we're going to meet up and go shopping tommorrow. I asked exactly when he was planning on telling me and again said this makes me uncomfertable as they have only worked together 3 times and they are already making plans and acting really keen on each other. I told him how I felt and explained why. A few minutes later, to my horror, he had posted the whole thing on facebook and asked people for advice on how to convince me it was okay. I had people laughing at me and I was so shocked to see that he would post our private conversation on facebook. I told him this was not okay and said he was horrible for posting that. He said that he didn't care and is now sleeping in the lounge.

I have told him we are pretty much over and he said he is very sorry. I don't weather I should leave or stay.

Advice please?

  1. Hermitagenurse 9 years ago

    To me this is wrong in whatever way you stack it. If he loves you, he should WANT to take you along. And posting the laundry on facebook? REALLY? I would not tolerate this from any man I was ever with. I understand having friends, but that seems a little off-ish. I guess I am just old fashioned. My mom has always told me that \”you alone decide just how much you are gonna take.\” You decide when enough is enough. Good luck to you. Happy New Year! 🙂

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  2. dayzd89 9 years ago

    That isn\'t fair to you at all. You\'ve tried telling him in a respectful way that it bothers you and have even offered to hang out with them as an alternative. If your gut tells you to leave him, then you should. Do you have any friends/family that can serve as support? I wish you the best.


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