The last couple of weeks my OCD has been at an all time low. I was relaxed and more at ease with germs and disease. My mom and sister's are visiting and they wereplanning on staying til after the New Year's. Problem is this, they want to visit my 22 year old sister and have her stay here. Now, I had told them NO before, and they were fine until they got here. I reminded them I didn't want her here and my mom got upset. So upset that she wants to leave Monday, and I just couldn't care less. They are free to go, she asked me why I hate my sister. I don't, I just don't want someone that has stolen from me multiple times to be at my house.

She is also staying with someone who had a child diagnosed with MRSA a few years back. I'm not fine with that, in fact I find it fucking disgusting. At the moment, they are sitting on my sofa and talking. I don't want to start any drama, so, I decided to stay in my computer room. I don't think my family comprehends the fucking situation that this causes. Now, my anxiety is getting so bad I just want to cry. I was doing so well, like I had just stopped worrying and now I have to worry about where she sat, and if she walked into my house wearing shoes. I hope my family leaves tomorrow, I don't want them here anymore.

They think I'm selfish, and I won't deny it. I am. I just don't want to get sick because of their stupidity. Nice way to ruin a person's day. Especially, when they are in that person's house. Very fucking nice. I did them the fucking honor of letting them stay here. I'm the bad person in all of this. If my mom wants to let my sister steal from her, then that's her problem. If something goes missing I hope my mom is ready to pay.

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  1. bluerosie 8 years ago

    I sure feel for you.  Family just often does not get it.  And when there's tension, you just want to stay away from them.  I've spent many a day away in my room on my computer while staying with my parents because I felt such tension with them over stupid things.  I would ask details about MRSA (I had to google it just to find out what it is), but it really doesn't matter when it comes to OCD.  No matter what, it would probably still trigger your germ obsessions.  I just don't know how to deal with people who won't try to understand what someone is going through…. *sigh*  Sorry I'm not very helpful at all…. :/

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