I have to vent what's been going on in my life this short week. There has been a lot going on. On a good note….we went to mediation on Monday and I got physical custody of my son and sole responsibility for medical and educational decision making. On another note, my lovely daughter, in a fit of self absorbtion, decided to kick me and my son out of the house. I am now staying with a friend who happens to be a smoker and a bit, ok….more then a bit of a messy marvin. I have been here since last Sunday and I'm not the happiest of all people being here. He has a cat that I am usually allergic to but i think my blood has changed and so i'm not but there is fricken cat hair EVERYWHERE~! So I began cleaning. I rearranged his kitchen and cleaned EVERYTHING. Cabinets, refridge, stove, counters, and dot down on all fours and scrubbed a floor that I don't think has ever been cleaned in the past 5 years that he has lived here…..lol. I vacuumed and washed the carpet in the livingroom(so far) and I dusted. I think he and his son may have built an engine in one of the bedrooms….UGH~! But anyways, he was kind enough to allow me to stay here until his son comes home from jail in October. THEN WHERE DO I GO? I'm on disability and have very little money and can't afford a place on my own. The housing list is infinity and the programs around here are horrible. Up in Concord, they through the homeless off the land that is deep in the woods and can't be seen by everyday public…..how am I supose to live? I asked my ex husband for my motorhome back and I would forgive the grand that he owes me but he said no. I really want to stay in Londonderry cause my son starts high school in September and he knows the kids there. He's already been to three schools last year and I don't want to shuffle him around anymore. I'm also afraid that his father is going to find out my perdicament and try to take Austin away from me. The guy that I'm staying with has been wonderful in teaching me how to customize GI Joe figures and I have been making a wee bit of money. He has been taking half even though I have been purchasing some things. I kinda feel taken advantage of by him. Though I will only let it go so far before I speak up. Afterall, he is allowing me to stay here for almost nothing. Well, that's my life in a nutshell….not feeling down about it, just a bit nervous is all.

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  1. Andie372 8 years ago

     First of all, congratulations on getting custody of your son.  Major win.  On the other hand, you're under a lot of stress with your housing situation.  How long does it take to get help with housing?  Did you put yourself on the list?  I'm glad you have a good friend who is helping you now.  Things usually have a way of working out.

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