Well !! Hubby did not making it to the 2nd of OCtober , his tooth pain was intense , he called the denist back & told them he had to come back that he could no longer take the pain any more , they said to go ahead & come on in & that someone had canceled their appointment . Turns out the Cavity that he had filled on the left side was so decayed it had gone down into the nerve , so he had to have it pulled , it took the dentist forever to that nasty tooth out but they did finally get the tooth out , poor hubby was in quite of bit of pain , then 24 hours later , the other side started hurting , where he had the other cavity filled , all weekend long he has been having sensitvity issues , he's not really been able to eat anything , the dentist gave him pain pills for the tooth they pulled , that has helped some , but hubby is not really a pain pill person , so he can only take so much of them . Poor Hubby is miserable , he is restless , hates being stuck in the house & not being able to go to the Gym , hates being out of his routine , not to mention he hates being in pain , to say the least men don't do well with pain . Come tomorrow moring we will be going back to the dentist to find out what is going on with the other side , I"m starting think that he will loose another tooth , I think this other tooth is in the early stages of decay & has gotten down to the nerve , its not as bad as the other one but it's probably best that it comes out , so that will be two teeth in a week , the only thing that sucks about Monday is that its Hubby's 36th birthday & our 14th anniversary & we will be in a dentist office , instead of celebrating our day .. This whole week has sucked , hubby has hardly slept due to being in so much pain , I'm exhausted from woken up all hours of the night , our Jack Russell Gwen doesn't under stand what's going , she doesn't understand why daddy can't play with her , on top of that it has rained all weekend here , so she hasn't been able to get & walk like she usually do , which has made her incredibly irribable ..


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