I made it home safe!

On the way home,  I stopped at two thrift stores.

I found two dresses at one and the framed and matted horse print! One of the dresses was only three dollars!

The horse art I bought is pictured above! It will go in our horse themed living room     I do wish the frame on it was nicer but I  adore the image of horses exploring a forest.  I will look for a better used frame for the print.

I watched a alien documentary and a KY diners tour before leaving the hotel

The alien one is based on the theory that aliens / ufos live inside the earth in the many large openings on the plant.   I have also read that they may live under the oceans well

The KY diner one showed lots of unhealthy dishes and places that offered these specialized heart attack inducing diners    I am from KY and never ate those types of meals.   I did try a “Hot brown” once and a non alcoholic mint Derby beverage

A hot brown is lots of cheese,  grease. breading and ham   It is very unhealthy but I can say I formed an opinion on the dish.   I took a bite of it.

If anyone hasn’t tried water with a mint leaf in it, do so! It may be the KY derby influence that I love but it is so refreshing!

We have a mint plant growing indoors and mint growing outside in the summer!

I hope that everyone is healthy and content!

If you are sick with covid, I hope you feel better soon and that you don’t get too restless and bored while isolating



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