So I went to the emergency room on Tuesday… That was eventful. I had been experiencing abdonimal pain for the past week but it wasn't that bad, more like mild period cramps so I just disregarded it. But Tuesday…. I woke up and I was fine. I went to school and driving there, I felt something was wrong. I went to the clinic to use the restrooms, hoping that would help. went to first period like normal. By the end of the period, I couldn't handle the pain though. I went to the clinic, and tried using the bathroom again. That's always my go to. But it wasn't going away. I called my mother and faked that it was just period cramps, she was reluctant to let me go but did in the end. I was going to go to the doctor's office but nothing was open. My mother came home after realizing that something was wrong with me and took me to the ER. The pain was… unbareable. Undescribable. On the scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain I have ever felt, it was at a constant 7. But if I move, if I breathed, if I sat down, it would rise to a 9 instantly. I was in tears by the time I got to the ER. They hooked me all up and did a whole bunch of things so that they could run some tests on me.

I went home that same night and slept for the rest of the day. They have no idea what was wrong with me. What is still wrong with me because I still get the cramps. They are worst when I need to go to the restroom (Kind of like right now…). so I always try to go before I head out somewhere. Or I just give up and take one of the pills they prescribed me.

They tested for pregnancy, that is a negative (I am so realived). They tested for STDs and I haven't heard anything back from them and they said "No news is good news".

Shit. I need to stop. The pain is back…


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