Long ago I was with a very mean abusive man at first he was nice and got me away from the kind of work I was doing I worked hard while he cooked and cleaned thin one day I got very sick and had to be admitted.he became so mean he was angry at me and would tell me how I ruined the trip how how know we can't go always putting me down telling me I was damaged goods no one could ever love me I was dirty and threatening to kill me if I ever left him he would not eat or drink after me I finally had to much I went to the closet put a plastic trash bag over my head started to fade away I heard a beautiful strong voice tell me to leave I deserve so much better I did he came to my job with a gun and my medication telling people I was sick they SAWL the gun got it from him and held him till the police came they gave him a restraining order after that I started getting sorry letter and hate mail sent to my room mind you I did not have any medication in my body so I was very much in tune with supernatural I heard a voice say to me tell him you are going back to him and set him up I did and then we went to the po.box and got a mail box together and thin just as we were about to leave I told him I had to go to the bathroom and I went inside told them what he was doing asked them to call the police they did I went back to the rental car he was driving it did not start up he looked at me with confusion and said that is strange that has never happened before just then the police showed up took all his personal information down and gave us a court date.then he went back to the car and the car started right up.you see only God can start and stop cars God never gives us more than what we can handle life is more happy and peaceful with God that is one of the very many times he has been there for me .You can choose to be miserable with out God or choose to be happy with God it's your choice thank you God For being there for me


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