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Huntington, WV
#f1 1 min ago
I read on the web about a man who had treatment-resistant clinical depression for six years, and after trying everything else that didn't work, ANAFRANIL brought him out of it. He said for him it was a miracle drug that gave him his life back. I've been in major depression for over three years. You name it, I tried it–even ECT, TMS, and every SSRI, without results. I also have OCD, which is what anafranil is usually prescribed for. The thing is, you have to take at least 100 mgs/day, and it takes a good three months for it to work. It brings you out of it gradually, over a period of a couple weeks. It's quick enough to notice it, though. Its side effecta are dry mouth and some weight gain (for me that was a good thing–it brought me up to my normal weight–I had lost as much as 25 lbs during my three year episode. Another thing is, you probably will feel a bit worse at first, and it does actually take 2-3 months or slightly longer to kick in, but when it does, you know it. My thinking cleared up and I was able to learn, laugh, and be happy again. If you're desperate to get better, and you've failed to respond to the normal antidepressants, I would recommend this regimen to you! It's worth the wait. The odd thing with me, is that this OCD drug didn't stop my OCD (which is just a minor inconvenience to me), but depression was terrible, and I'm convinced it would have gone on for the rest of my life, had I not intervened with this. I had even discussed having deep brain stimulation or gamma-knife brain surgery with my psychiatrist, who felt that I might have to resort to one of those invasive techniques. I met with a psychiatrist at the Cleveland Clinic, who recommended anafranil for me, at the strength of 100 mgs a day. I wanted DBS, but he said they wouldn't do it without trying and failing on OCD treatment.

The ironic thing is, my depression is gone, but my OCD symptoms are still here: hand- washing, counting, teeth brushing, and so forth, but as I said the OCD for me was just a mild inconvenience and still is, but my awful terrible major depression is gone. Just like that.

  1. sasha1969 8 years ago

    I am so very glad for you!

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  2. tomb 8 years ago


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  3. larry1888 8 years ago

    It's way cool to be well.  I was told I would have to get used to the "new normal," which was totally unacceptible to me.  I had no other options left, and this worked, finally.  The Lord does answer prayers.  He must've had a few other things to do first, though, as it took him 3 years to get back to me.  It was the clomipromine that did it, which I thank God for.  It/He saved me, I am told, for a reason.

    I had more than one psychiatrist tell me that I was a hard case, and that they wished they had a magic wand to wave and make me well.  They were kind and caring, but they didn't suggest this–a doctor in Cleveland FINALLY put me on the road to health.  All the best to you,



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