ok today i woke up and i was not in a good mood because i dint get enough sleep last night and today i whent to school and in 6th period i whent outside of my choir room at school to go talk to my friend because she was crying because her boyfriend broke up with her and while i was out there i said it's gonna be ok just come back inside and this dude names zack was like no she does not haft to and i was like well she doesnt need to stay out here and then he was like u look like u need to be in special ed and he said alot of other mean things and my friend's where laughing  and then i walked back into the chior room and dint say anything and then when i sat down in my chair i could feel a tear sliding down my cheak and then i could feel more and then by that time people could tell i was crying and so i just walked out and i was going to go in the bathrooom for the rest of the period but when i was going to the bathroom i saw that the guy named zack was following me still saying mean thing evan tho he sawi was crying and i couldent beleve is my friends where laughing at me to and i was just so mad i couldent beleve they where laughing at me and i dint say anything and when i walked out of the bathroom and i was going back to class and when i turned the corner he was there and so where they and i could feel another tear going down my cheak as i herd then giggiling aand so i walked back into the chior room crying! and every one was looking at me and then the bell rung and i just ran out of the class room and then ran to my 7th period and then i put my binder in from od my face cause i dint want them knowing i had cryed and then they new something was wrong but then the teacher can up to me and said is evrything ok? and i tried to talk but when i tried i choked up because i had been crying and then she said do u want to go outside and tell me and i just shook my head and i walked outside the class room and rite when i got outside i just broke out in to tears i had no friends to comfort me anymore and she said i could go to the bathroom to settel down and so i did and was in there for about 10 min's to make sure it dint look like i was crying and the bell had rung while i was in the bathroom and so i when to my class room and got my stuff and whent to 8th period and i just kept to myself like always i never have had many friends and thoes 2 girls where my only good friends and the whole 8th period my last period i could beleve that they would laugh at me and when i got home after school my mom said we are moveing and now im like really sad i hate going to new school's im depressed and dont now what to do anymore i dont know what im living for anymore can someone remind me?thinking of ending this shithole of a life

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