Sammy/Jamie: This paragraph is for my best friends…I love y’ might wonder why I but your names in the same one but you’ll find out. Jamie, Sammy, youre so amazing and you dont see are so beautiful (and handsome) and I cant imagine being without y’all. Sammy, your girlfriend is lucky to call you hers and I swear if she hurts you IMMA- y’know..hehe. Jamie, you care so much about everyone and my fear is you’ll get hurt more…even if you do, and you fall, Imma be here to catch you. To you both the world is a dark place, your hearts have been broken and I understand you are hurting…but I want you to know that I am going to be you shield..y’all can take your pain out on me and I won’t leave. I love y’all! (Jesse, I love you too.) Sammy, youre my parent (tho im older) and Jamie you are my child (though Im younger) that means we’re family..and this family won’t break. Thank you for being there for me


My Dearest: Hello meh dear :3 Come here often?


You’re so smart and so very take my mood and lift it so high that Im afraid to come down. I missed you so much!!!! hhHhhhhHhhHHhhh. Thank you for loving me more…and thank you for calling me YOUR gurrrl. I want you to know that I want to have all of you, good and bad, past and future, mind and heart…and I cant wait to grow stronger with you. Babe, I know life gets so tough…and I get sometimes it is so hard to breathe, but thank you..thank you so very much for pushing through. I swear the future will be worth it. Remember…youre stuck with me…cuz im cling AS FOOK. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu and there will be moRe love each day. Thank you again for loving me.




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