In January of last year, outta nowhere…I was in the car with my 16 yr old daughter and I felt a weird tingly sensation run up my spine and thru my arms and legs and felt like i was gonna pass out, daughter said i turned real pale too…First trip to the ER…sent me home with ativan and said was anxiety…next nite…again same thing….called ambulance but i didnt go to ER cus they were convinced it was anxiety….went to reg DR and she put me on xanax….finally went to a meds DR and wa sput on klonopin daily….I have always had some depression and was diagnosed with bipolar and personaitly disorder but neva took any meds for it really…I stopped taken the klonopin about 3 months ago and am now on no meds for anxiety….I have had 1 attack since and that was the other day…lasted bout 5 hours…I think that the klonpin was makin my depression worse and my hair was fallin out…I am now prescribed ativan as needed, however i have took none….It is hard to kno if ur anxiety i sgettin better or if its jus the meds when ur on them so I chose to not b on them anymore…It seems like daily I am always nervous or edgy, like im jus waitin for the next attack….and of course in my mind…ther GOTTA b sumthin seriously wrong with me physically cus anxiety cant possibly make me feel so bad…rite? lol yes so I also think i have HA as well jus no diagnosis yet….sigh…I am a 41 single female and to b honest….im kinda lonely these days and i truly feel like ill b alone forever cus seriously who wants ta b with a *crazy* person…..I will do a blog every few days jus ta let people kno how i am copin or not copin with thigs…any feedback would be awesome! thanx for stoppin by

  1. Onceuponatime 10 years ago

    hey mzdawn, im sorry to hear about the attacks, they sound scary. It sounds as though you\'ve just been prescribed different pill after different pill but have gotten no real answers. You are on the medical conveyer belt :/ which is so frustrating! my advice is, listen to your body cause no one can do that as well as you no matter how much education they have. if you believe something else is wrong do research, have a daily calendar to write your symptoms daily, and find a doctor who will listen! good luck!
    And as far as being alone, you are not crazy, i hate that word! look at all your tribe family here, we all got issues haha! keep your hope alive, you are so young!

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  2. veritas144k 10 years ago

    your not crazy your symptoms are real the only good thing is they are not life threatening as they say. Anxiety sucks sooo baaadd. It is a living hell but it can be defeated.

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